1. What are the file restrictions for free image hosting on https://www.imgcoo.com/? Files must be under 5 MB, they must be of a gif,jpg,jpeg,png,bmp and they must not be pictures with illegal activities.
2. Is there a bandwidth limit for uploaded images? NO, there is no limit.
3. What types of images can I NOT upload?
  • Copyrighted images if you don't own copyright for it.
  • Child pornography, Violence, Racial intolerance, or advocate against any individual, group, or organization.
  • Any other images that might be considered illegal in USA or EU countries.
4. Is nudity and/or sexual content allowed? Yes. but not against #3
5. Will my e-mail address remain private? Yes. We will not share your email address with anyone.
6. How long will images remain hosted? Please keep in mind that we are not cloud service provider. We are images hosting & sharing service provider. We may delete images which have not been viewed even once in 180 days from date of upload. We may also delete images which have not been viewed in last 360 days.
7. How can I contact site administration? You can find contact form here: https://bit.ly/3l47Mby